Other left side panel  TAB’s

Events-Registered event list, crossing geozones, driving behaviour, roads limit overspeed. See Left panel Events…

Places- Create, edit POI’s, routes and geozones. See Left panel Places...

Tracks- Track vehicles per selected interval, draw trips on map, see events during trip. See Left panel Tracks…

UNITS - left side panel

Refresh - manual refresh.

Create unit - option to create temporary unit, if user has rights.

Top area

Select All - 1st box shows on map all units.  2nd box follows all units on map.

Shows status of all units - click on box filters units list by selected status

Units group - shows units quantity in group

Select all group. 1st enables units of all group visibility on map. 2nd follows all units off group on map

Number of units in group

Collapsed units list

Expanded units list

Units informative box

Select unit. 1st enable unit visibility on map. 2nd follows grouped units on map

Unit’s icon. Can be selected from available icons in Edit unit, Icon section. See Edit unit - Icon…

Unit name
Status: Driving, Parked, Stationary, No data
Address. Hover mouse to see full address.

Driver assigned to unit. Hover shows driver’s name.

No driver

Status of unit - shows speed, ignition status, driving, stopped or moving without ignition

Status image - click opens unit’s status summary for today

Driving - ignition ON

Driving - used for transport without ignition

Driving - lost ignition signal or towing

Stopped / Parked - ignition OFF

Stopped / Parked - for transport without ignition

Idle - stopped with ignition ON

Offline - unit offline for few hours (no signal - sleep mode enabled - no power)

Collapsed groups view

Lowest signal level

Best signal level

Black info box. No data received from device yet

Unit menu button. Fast access to tracks, separate follow windows, street view and Unit settings.
See Unit menu…

Click for summary

Type unit name to search