Select unit and period (collapsed view)

Filter units and period for tracks

Print trips, events and parking for selected period

Trip start date, time and location

Trip end date, time and location

Trip summary

Parking / stop duration and Idle duration

Total summary for period

Trip expanded view. Click on start or end row will open extended view, if trip has events. Trip summary shows total of events per trip. Click on event row will show location and info of event on map

Trip number per period

Trip without events has black dotted line between start-end images and has no expanded view. Click on row or images highlighting trip on map

Trip number per period

Trip with events has red dotted line between start-end images. Trip summary shows total events per trip

Unit’s status overview, graph view and data points

Left side panel - Tracks

 Section allows to get all information related to units (routes, stops, addresses, time, events, get tracks report)

Generates tracks for all units for any period.

- Direction arrow

 - Start / End symbols

- Highlighted trip in red.

 Stop sign -

- Overspeed event sign

- Enable track features and hide track button

- Other events

Unit and period selection

Get tracks for selected period from Units panel. See Unit menu…

Tracks on left side panel

Change unit or period

Download and print trips

Tracks panel

Select unit

Select period

Select custom period

Minimum time to exclude as stop from trip

Export data points file

Clear presented track and info

Show track on map and full info of trips per period

Download report to print

Track features

- route start

- the end of the route

- unit arrow

- unit stopped

- various events

- road limits over speed

Track route signs. Click opens information

Track summary signs

Stopped / parked - shows stop duration and idle time if was idling

Trip start - date, time and location. Click for expanded and highlighted view

Trip has no events (black) - has no action

Trip has events (red) - Click opens expanded view of events

Trip end - date, time and location. Click for expanded view. Shows on map.

Expanded view content

Road limits over speed - click to see event on map with information

Other events - click to see event on map with information

Generated track

Filtered unit and period

Left panel show trips, stops, summary. Map view presents routes with selected features

filtering bar

period summary

stop duration
trip start

trip end

trip summary
trip number

expanded trip view with
    triggered events. Click
    on event shows on map
    event location and     information

trip number

Track summary, data and map view for selected unit and period

GRAPH area filters time for all period or selected trip. Track Player plays filtered period. See Bottom panel - Graph…

- tracks features

- trips per period

- highlighted trip

- events

- overspeed information

- road overspeed

Filtered graph area for selected period or trip

- track player

- filter bar and download

- period summary

- trip start / end info

- trip summary

- trip number

- trip with events has red dotted line. Click opens events view.

- trip without events has black dotted line

overspeed -

harsh event information -

Click Print      to download and print trips summary

-Triggered event data window


Other left side panel  TAB’s

Units-Units status, overview, speed, location, settings, assigned driver info, etc. See Left panel Units…

Events-Registered event list, crossing geozones, driving behaviour, roads limit overspeed. See Left panel Events…

Places- Create, edit POI’s, routes and geozones. See Left panel Places...