Map zoom control - changes map zoom level

Units - enable/disable unit visibility

Labels - enable/disable unit labels

Drivers - enable/disable drivers names visibility

POI’s - enable/disable marker visibility

Routes - enable/disable route visibility

Zones - enable/disable zone visibility

Clusters - useful feature for those who has large number of objects and markers:
   Clusters split markers and objects into groups.
   According to map zoom level will reveal content inside of it

Street view - enable/disable street view. (Subscribed users only)

Live traffic - shows status of traffic on map (available only with Google Maps for subscribed users)

Fit objects on map - sets map zoom level to fit all objects

Ruler - measures distance between points

Measure area - measures area

Route controls - enable/disable loaded track route features

Route - enable/disable tracks route visibility

Snap - enable/disable snap routes on track visibility

Direction - enable/disable tracks direction arrows visibility

Data points - enable/disable data points on tracks visibility

Stops - enable/disable stops on route visibility

Events - enable/disable harsh events visibility

Overspeed - enable/disable road speed limit overspeed on track visibility

Hide - hide/close generated track

Live map allows to access most common tracking features and settings, monitor object location on map, status, speed, address, tracks, events, reports, summary, service, notifications and more.

Left side top panel

Right side top panel

Bottom panel

Left side panel

Tracks controller


Map layers, features




Unit summary

Over speed event

Grouped units list

Harsh event information


Grouped places

Unit menu

Grouped units

Individual follow window

Unit information detailed view on map

Top left panel - this panel provides access to: Reports, ECO drive, Dashboard, Vision, Events, Fuel account and Settings. See Top panels…

Right side Panel - this panel provides access to: user, user guide, mobile version login, address search and and Log out, if user has privileges access to: logbook, tasks, maintenance, gallery and  Chat. See Top panels…

Left panel - this panel provides access to: Units list, Events, Places and Tracks. See Left Panels: Units…, Events…, Places…, Tracks….

Bottom panel - all important information about selected object: current location, status, sensors, services and other data. See Bottom panel…

Map controls

Unit details - information about selected object is shown in this popup: current location, speed, sensors, services and etc.

Hide/un-hide left side panel

Hide/un-hide botttom panel

Resize bottom panel holding white border

Right click on map menu

Street view and Live traffic available for Google map subscribers!

Street view

Map menu

Open new tab with Google map

Shows POI

Shows route to POI

Create -route between POI’s

Open Tasks window with selected POI

Creates new POI

Ctreates new route

Creates new geozone

Map layers and features

only with Here maps

Enable POI visibility

Enable trucks restriction visibility

Enable road works visibility

All selected shows warning signs on live map to nearest units

Workspace overview

Select preferred map

Route signs

- unit moving

- unit idle

- unit stopped

- grouped places

- grouped units

Units status symbols on map

Information boxes and signs

Overview Overview Overview BACK TO TOP

Workspace panels

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