Unit Menu

Quick track.

Left panel UNITS tab press menu icon

Unit menu - unit settings and actions

Show history - shows history for selected period.

Follow - follow unit in small window on map

Follow (new window) - follow unit in new window

Street view (new window) - street view (depend on tariff)

Edit - edit unit settings, assign drivers, groups, icons:
   If user has rights edit, name, counters, service.

Show history - select period for track history

Detailed description see Left panel Tracks…

- last hour

- per today

- per yesterday

- for all this week

- for all previous week

- per actual month

- for previous month

Download and prints tracks table

Filter Units and periods

Selected / filtered Unit and period

Unit menu Unit menu

Menu Icon

Click unit menu. Hover on Show history and select preferred period

Tracks view

Select Follow to open separate small map window with unit to follow. Windows is drag able. Resize to preferred and place on any area of platform

Map controllers, info and follow buttons

Buttons Zoon In and Zoom Out change zoom on map.

   Button Info shows additional data:

      General, Location and Sensors.

     Follow button by default ticked in.

       Unit will be followed centring on this map window

               Map layer selector.

Resizing follow window Info box can be zoomed too.

Unit menu

Select Follow (new window) to open new browser TAB window with unit to follow.

Ticked in Info and Follow boxes will show additional data and follows unit.

Unit menu

If account has privileges to use Street view. Street view opens new browser TAB with Google open street map view of units location

Unit menu

Edit unit access depends on user privileges. Detailed description see Edit unit…